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Eurocup success the perfect boost for Russell ahead of F4 finale

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Race 3 - Donington Park
1.Maini, A12 laps
2.Menchaca, D+0.783s
3.Albert, J+1.638s
4.Eastwood, C+3.582s
5.Fonseca, R+4.624s
6.Mayer , R+5.475s
7.Jupp, C+9.645s
8.Zabalza, A+11.761s
9.Fielding, S+11.896s
10.Moore, S+12.034s
Race 2 - Donington Park
1.Hyman, R12 laps
2.Palmer, W+4.970s
3.Menchaca, D+8.355s
4.Maini, A+9.704s
5.Moore, S+10.072s
6.Russell, G+11.530s
7.Fielding, S+11.867s
8.Fonseca, R+18.311s
9.Mauro, G+18.543s
10.Eastwood, C+18.974s
Race 1 - Donington Park
1.Fielding, S12 laps
2.Russell, G+0.828s
3.Moore, S+3.911s
4.Maini, A+6.384s
5.Palmer, W+8.080s
6.Menchaca, D+12.171s
7.Hyman, R+12.950s
8.Eastwood, C+18.250s
9.Albert, J+19.774s
10.Mauro, G+22.915s
2014 Standings
1.Maini, A432pts
2.Russell, G411pts
3.Fielding, S399pts
4.Hyman, R394pts
5.Moore, S358pts
6.Palmer, W349pts
7.Menchaca, D277pts
8.Middlehurst, C253pts
9.Mauro, G250pts
10.Albert, J212pts